Thuja Socks Finished

By: expressionsinyarn

Nov 21 2010

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Category: Knitting


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Camera:NIKON D40

As part of the race to finish up all my UFOs, I joined the UFO WIP Resolution Party and boy is it moving fast!? I had started the Thuja socks way back in June and to think I finished up an entire sock in 2 days! šŸ˜€









This was my first attempt at knitting socks and I was terrified. Terms like turning the heel and gusset seemed straight out a Latin textbook! But, thanks to Knitting Help videos and tutorials, I was able to tackle it step-by-step.











Probably, the worst thing about knitting socks is the DPNs – I want to learn magic loop fast. Yet, I think because knitting on DPNs is more confusing, the satisfaction is far more once the pair of socks is done! Yay! I now love knitting socks because they are super quick projects and I am raring to make more!















7 comments on “Thuja Socks Finished”

  1. They are beautiful!! I love the pattern. How do they fit?

  2. Amritha! Very well done. I cant believe it is your first attempt. Love them. 2 days eh???? Dont tell me.
    You know, I have heard this time and again from people.. Socks are easy & quick, dpns are good etc.
    I have burnt my fingers 2 years back… ,managed to make one wobbly sock… just one.. šŸ˜¦

    • Thanks Kavitha! I actually took more than a month thanks to my procrastination! Lolz…but because of this initiative on Ravelry was able to speed things up a bit. Oh trust me, I used to have a major phobia towards sock knitting but after finishing a pair, am confident of making more. Trust me, once you start it step by step, it’ll be a piece o cake for ya! šŸ™‚

  3. Great socks. I’m in the early stages of a pair myself, toe up ones but I’m dreading the rib cast off. Doesn’t matter what I do, I always make it too tight.

    • Yay for socks! I get what you mean – the tension’s difficult to get right. I guess leaving the yarn a little loose could help? Thanks for commenting!

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