Dining Chair Covers

By: expressionsinyarn

Nov 02 2010

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This is what a rushed evening and a need to make the home look good before guests arrive, does to you! I have always had a thing for chair covers and little home sewing projects that decorate the home. I don’t know exactly what went on in my head but as soon as I knew that guests were expected on that Saturday, I went along with DH to Commercial Street to a lovely store called ‘Classic Collections’. The store is packed with fabrics of all prints, designs and styles. It’s very difficult for a self-confessed fabric-lover like me to resist such stores. So, after a lot of oohing and aahing over the fabrics, I went ahead and bought a cute checked print. I also happened to have a lovely sewing book called ‘Design and Make Loose Covers‘ by Heather Luke. It’s an awesome book that has tons of projects for home sewing especially upholstery and chair covers.

Did I need anymore inspiration? Nope.

The fabric was bought at 5 pm in the evening Saturday and I finished stitching four covers by the same night by around 3-ish in the early morning.

I happen to love frills and pleats so I decided to add a bit at the seating area of the cover.

I also happen to love tie-backs because they are functional and look super cute! Here is a view from the back of the chair showing the tie-backs. Please excuse the blurry picture – Zeus was proving to be quite a distraction!


6 comments on “Dining Chair Covers”

  1. How creative! Looks so good.

  2. I love the frills..

  3. I alway prefer to use hardwood dining chairs because they look great and they have that classic look. Hardwood also lasts longer compared to softwood chairs. :,,’.

    Kindest regards

    • True Trey, I hate the impersonal coldness of steel and glass myself. We now have lovely hardwood dining table and chairs.

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