Patchwork Cushions

Hey my dear friends!

I’m really cheerful and happy because of two things:

1. I cut my hair ultra short – it’s a little like Olga Kurylenko’s cut in ‘Hitman’ and

2. I made patchwork cushions!

It’s funny how fabric somehow always seems to beckon me and the recycling fanatic that I am (I’m all for an eco-friendly earth, trust me), I always store fabric from projects. Unless, they’re really unusable (yeah, but that’s not cheap, it’s called being thrifty). So, I had assorted pieces of fabric and they all had too little yardage to make a cute top or dress. So, I decided why not make some nice patchwork cushions? Our cushions on the sofa anyway needed a revamp, especially since I love rotating them round the year with different fabrics and styles.

I saw this really cute tutorial and decided to give things a shot.

Don’t mind me blabbering – it’s just the way my mind is…So, without any further ado, here are the pics:


2 comments on “Patchwork Cushions”

  1. You’ve taken the first step towards quilting 🙂 How long did this take? You’ve done a good job!

    • Thanks Suma. This took me a couple of weeks – esp since I was taking things slow 🙂

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