Swallowtail – addicted to lace knitting!

By: expressionsinyarn

Nov 20 2009

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I know it’s been ages since my last post and my sporadic attempts at posting new stuff is mainly attributed to my very hectic work schedules. But anyhow, in the midst of this, I managed to make a Swallowtail for my cousin in Mumbai. It reached her yesterday and she is very happy with it. Thought I’d share the pics with you. Oh, and there are a couple of things, which I learnt about knitting the Swallowtail (scroll down below).

This was a totally addictive and fun pattern to knit and since this was my first lace knit project, I was pretty thrilled with the results. I also wanted a sparkly effect and so added some pale golden seed beads (placed beads instead of nupps in the shawl. That saved yarn and time as I wasn’t sure if I had sufficient yardage).



































Things I learnt about the Swallowtail Shawl (in no special order of priority):

  1. Marker placement is critical as otherwise the center line and associated repeats can be lopsided!
  2. This is definitely not one of those mindless knits, which you can finish while watching TV. Concentration is imperative.
  3. Using lifelines can seem tedious but there is a reason they are called ‘lifelines’ – imagine having to frog 10 rows just because of one tiny error in the 15th row!
  4. Yardage must be calculated beforehand. I cheated of course – I wasn’t sure of the yardage in my yarn as it was a local acrylic variety but I decided to use beads instead of nupps as that would free plenty of yarn.
  5. This shawl looks complex but is actually very easy once you take it a row at a time.

4 comments on “Swallowtail – addicted to lace knitting!”

  1. Very, very pretty! Great tip on swapping the nupps for beads. I did the nupps using a “nupp cheat” method I found on Ravelry, but I think that the beads look nicer.

    • Thanks! Actually I read about this tip on one of the forums on Ravelry. A couple of ppl there have used beads instead of nupps and it saves tons of yarn.

  2. Nice! It is a beautiful color. And I agree, beads are a great idea.

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