Recently, my DH and I were discussing about the concept, beauty and brilliance of Steampunked objects. These works of art combine the elegance and antique styles of the Victorian era with modern functionality and futuristic mechanisms. The concept is brilliant (did I say that already? :)) and the finished objects are amazing to look at – you’d almost think you are at a museum looking at all these objects.

If you’d like a dekko on some of the coolest Steampunked objects, check this link.

Talk about the gamut of objects, there is everything ranging from taxidermy, computers, action figures and other amazing stuff like objects we use in daily life.

Steampunk is meant for those who enjoy the mix of ancient elegance and charm with modern sophistication and functionality. If you do a Google check, you’re sure to come up with a bunch of stuff. Check it out – totally cool and guaranteed to make your jaw drop!


2 comments on “Steampunked”

  1. My jaw did drop when I checked out this website. How cool is this! Thanks for sharing.

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