Infallible Range From Maybelline

There is a reason why I continue to love the Infallible range from Maybelline. The shades of lipcolor are gorgeous, stay for endless hours and yet provide you with the right amount of lustre. I especially love the ‘Unchanging Beige’ shade, which is a nice nude shade, great for daytime use. The good thing about this lipcolor is that it has two components – one is the actual lipcolor, which you ideally need to apply with a brush for an even application and the other is a gloss, which should be applied after one or two minutes after the application of the lipcolor. The result is a lipcolor, which stays almost the entire day! The downside is that you really need to try hard to get it off – but then who’s complaining? With all those lipcolors promising long-lasting wear and never really delivering on the promise, this one really does its job well!

Talking about Maybelline, I also love their Dream Mousse foundations, bronzers and blushes. They glide on, blend in easy and provide a natural finish.


2 comments on “Infallible Range From Maybelline”

  1. Have you tried their Colossal Volum Mascara?? Makes your eyes pop with just a few strokes on the lashes!

  2. Oooh never tried that one. Right now am using L’Oreal’s Volume Shocking mascara. Unfortunately, it’s not very water proof! Need to try the Colossal Volum mascara once this one gets over!!

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