My little Zeus

By: expressionsinyarn

Jul 15 2009


Category: Zeus


High time I posted something on my blog! But you know what, I was waiting for the right mood to do so. Because what do you say about someone who has changed your life entirely and around whom your life revolves? Yes, I am talking about our little Labrador puppy – Zeus.

He’s a naughty brat.

A bundle of energy and fun rolled into one little package.

He has a face, which could make even the hardest hearts melt.

He has such a noble face when he sleeps!

Love the way he curls up his paws while he’s asleep…aww

Absolutely dig the way he jumps over my lap when I feed him with my hands.

Love the way his wagging never stops when we take him out for walks – lol.

I totally look forward to giving him a bath and powder brushing him. He loves it too!

Love the way he looks with that fixed stare at the food when I’m preparing it…lol.

Love the puppy smell he has – just like how babies have a particular sweet smell to them 🙂

Always hungry for food. Always naughty. Always fun and always so cute. That is our little Zeus. He’s our son, our entire life and the one we care for so much!

Here are some pics for you to enjoy!





4 comments on “My little Zeus”

  1. What a cutie!! I love Labs – they are truly man’s best friend!

  2. awwwwwww! give him a hug from me too 🙂 and pray that i get one just like him 😉

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