Blocking really is magic!

I never used to believe in the power of blocking, up until now. I guess I was just to darn lazy to stretch out the FO into perfect shape, pinning each and every corner meticulously until the lace opened out into its best form! My collection of T Pins is virtually endless, what with the numerous large objects I have knitted/crocheted. But, after reading the recent post by Sandy Wiseheart of Knitting Daily (where she talks about using blocking wires),  I think blocking may just be easier for me!

Instead of using so many T Pins, I can now just glide the wire through each point and stretch it out, anchor the wires with the pins and that’s it! It doesn’t get easier than this.  Here is a quick photo tutorial of the process, if you wish to check it out.  It is so easy to follow and I think I am definitely going to give this a try. You don’t even need too many T Pins – 3 or 5 should suffice. What a relief! 🙂

Now I am even more tempted to knit those glorious lace shawls, which are perfect when there is a chill in the air! Hoping all of you who are daunted by blocking will be eager to try it out now after watching this tute. It really is cool and I personally want to knit more lace shawls,  just to start blocking- can you believe that?!


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