A shade to go with every yarn

I know it’s been an entire month since I posted last on my blog. Work, family and other things demanded my attention and time. Plus, I wasn’t able to cook up any new crochet/knit projects (translating into a lack of motivation to post something new) But today I really felt like writing about something that was at the back of my mind for a while.

Just like all avid crocheters and knitters, I too have a huge stack of yarn stashes lying away in my cupboard. Every now and then when I look at my stash, I realize there are these bits of odd-colored yarns, which never seem to blend in with any conventional color palette! Blame it on the sudden impulse purchases or the mood at the time (oh mood does play a very strong role for me when it comes to choosing yarn colors!) So, there I have it – the odd skein of fluorescent orange, pink or just a garish shade of purple. While these odd skeins have been lying tucked away in my closet for many years now, I stumbled upon a thought recently – that maybe there is a color palette to go with these seemingly ‘unusable’ yarns.

For example, some very imaginative and creative designers on Ravelry have worked their magic on me by inspiring me to use bolder colors than the ‘safe’, pastel tones I tend to use in my projects. Think brilliant blues, pinks or even reds and you get the picture!

I am game for trying new colors but am yet to find the courage to step outside my comfort zone when it comes to playing with color schemes. One classic example of a lovely mix of brilliant colors is in Rufarocrafty’s bag on Ravelry.  The eclectic color mix of lemon yellow, brilliant green and deep brown makes for a very appealing effect.

Well, I think that there is a color, which perfectly complements even the most garish or gaudy colors and I am about to try and incorporate some of these newfound colors into my crafty projects! 🙂


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