Cleaning as therapy

By: expressionsinyarn

Feb 12 2009

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Maybe it sounds a bit nutty but new research shows that cleaning and sorting your cupboards and the rest of the home can be a highly theraputic exercise! I personally have always found sorting and cleaning stuff to be like a mind-cleansing, calming exercise.

Whenever I feel all chaotic and disorganized I just skim through one of the drawers. To me, it’s like a powerful way to visit past issues which have not been attended to before.  It also is a good way for me to decide which things need to be chucked into the bin and which need keeping. Being the hoarder I am, it is all too easy for me to keep accumulating stuff. When I do a destashing exercise like this, I realize ‘Oh my Gosh! I didn’t know I had so much!’ No more shopping trips for quite sometime now! Lol.

As women, we feel keeping the home neat, clean and tidy is one of the first prerogatives. I often think to myself – what perception will others around have of me when they see an untidy and unkempt home? Therefore, to me, cleaning and sorting out stuff in the house is like presenting the best image of me and my home to the outside world. It also prevents me from thinking of myself as plain lazy! I mean, there are those days when I just hate to get off my b*** and do stuff but most days I like to be active.

Control freak? Or a basic need? Cleaning the home is like being in control. Women like to feel in control, especially of their homes. As long as it’s not going overboard, I think it’s like our moral code with existence. It is not being self undulgent. It is merely something we women have a need to do. It’s also in the way we are conditioned as children. We see our moms cleaning, sorting, folding clothes and doing the domestic chores. So, we innately believe unless we do those things when we grow up, we are not ‘as good as’ our moms would like us to be!

I checked out many other sites and whether other women thought the same way. Turns out they did. Check out and I kinda agree with the second link, what’s said in there. There is no need to clean everyday or go overboard with it.  It’s mostly when you need emotions to be sorted out or when you feel stressed that this can really help.

Now I know all this will bring out daggers and knives. I mean, we are living in a society where men and women are equal and the same rules apply to both sexes. I too am a feminist and believe in equal rights and that domestic chores should be done by both man and woman. My point of view is primarily as using cleaning as a therapy to cleanse thoughts and emotions. It is not intended to imply in any way that women should clean or do more chores simply because it is good.


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