Nostalgic Beatles :)

Today I was listening to some of the classic songs from the Beatles. I just have such strong connections with these songs. Have been listening to them since my childhood and everytime I hear songs like ‘With a Little Help From My Friend’, ‘Saw Her Standing There’, ‘Yesterday’ and the other blissful songs by this iconic group, I cannot but help getting a little misty-eyed.

As I was listening to some of the songs, I realized something. It’s funny isn’t it how as you grow up, your perception of the same songs change? Like, when you’re a kid, you take the songs at face value. You don’t really focus on the words as much as the tune. I know when I was a kid, I would sing the tune most often. Now, when I listen to the same songs, I focus more on the lyrics and realize their timeless appeal. A lot of the songs sung by Beatles talk of contemporary issues like infidelity, friendship and lots of other things. Music is timeless and age-irrelevant.

Just like certain smells have strong connotations and associations with one’s childhood and experiences, I feel music too brings lots of memories alive. Like when I listen to some of the country music by Kenny Rogers or Elvis’ Rock and Roll music, I just think of the Sunday mornings, when we would relax and have a late breakfast, just chill out and play with all my other cousins. Oh those good old days when life was a party and all we did was play! What fun!

But I still make it a point to squeeze in some fun time just for myself. Otherwise, life becomes very dull and boring, don’t you think?


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