The Beckoning of Lovely

Wow, what a fantastic video on Youtube! Just chanced upon it while browsing through the ‘Inspire Me Thursday’ site. Check out the video on Youtube at: The video is all about reaching out to the universe, in whatever way you can and spread loveliness in whatever medium you can. I guess many of you might have seen this video before as it was made in June 2008.

This was a video made by Amy. It is a 2 minute film titled ’17 things I made’. In the quest of making an 18th thing, she invites all the viewers of the video to gather to make a cool 18th thing together. She didn’t know how many people would turn up, if at all anyone would!

Yet…people came by the hundreds! It was testimony to the fact that people can unite and get together for a common purpose, a cause. Even if it is about indulging in one’s artistic sensibilities or making something meaningful out of everyday existence.

Small children, couples, senior citizens, couples celebrating their 44th anniversary and many others came to this amazing gathering. It was simply fantastic. As you can see from the video, everyone was asked to complete assigned tasks within an hour. Check out the awesome stuff they came up with!

All of us can make something lovely. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive or something fantastically magnificent. It can be as simple as paper hearts for a kid with cancer or a big hug to a senior citizen…anything that makes people smile and forget their troubles. If that happens even for an instant, you can be certain you have made something truly amazing!


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