My top favorites in beauty products

Ok, maybe I am deviating from the crochet/knit or yarny theme of my blog but heck…it’s all about expressing myself here, right?

Being a makeup hoarder and someone who loves to experiment with her looks, believe me, there are a lot of products I have tried. Over the last 15 years of my obsession with makeup and cosmetics, I have been especially attached to a select few….these I absolutely love! Let’s say I ran out of stock on these products, I might just scourge every shop till I find it! 🙂

So here goes. The list is not in any specific order but all are my favorites!

Revlon – Ooh La Lilac Nailpaint in Shade 324

This one is a gorgeous shade of pink that instantly reminds you of lilac flowers…now you know where the name came from! Apply one coat and you get a clear, translucent sheer pink look on your nails. Apply another coat if you want extra cover and color! I love this shade because of its subtle color. The almost nude shade can be worn during the daytime, making this a winner in my list.

Diana Of London – Hot Chocolate Shade 22 Lipstick

Okay, there are days when you feel like a regular gal and days when you feel like a Diva! This lipstick is for those days when you feel like looking like a million bucks. Never mind that your skin needs to look gorgeous and flawless with a shade like this, or the fact that your hair should be immaculately done up…but oh, the sheer beauty of this shade. If you apply one coat of it, it would look like a deep burgundy shade. But try another coat and you have this luscious dark chocolate shade on your lips… touch it up with a gloss and you are ready to look like a million bucks. Caution: heads may turn and jaws may drop when you walk around wearing this lipstick. Since this is a dark shade, it’s adviseable to wear it at night for a party.

Nivea Lipcare – Cherry Kiss lipbalm

I love this lipbalm so much that I am willing to take out every last bit of it left in the cute little bottle. The sliding design makes it convenient to apply and the color is a brilliant shade of red. It’s not the red red but a nice flushed shade of red. Once you apply it your lips will have a nice stain on them, making you look naturally beautiful!

Lakme Nine to Five Intense Shine Eyeliner

This one’s a real favorite of mine. Have been using this for many years now and I love the new and improved design it sports. The elongated handle and elegant brush make for easy application – no more messy smudges, black eyeliner on your fingers etc. You get the picture. Gently glide it on your eyelids for a soft, subtle effect or a more dramatic effect for a night about town! The intense shine adds to the glamor quotient. Besides, it dries up super-quick so if you’re in a hurry this is the perfect one for you.

Lakme Perfect Definition Eye Pencil – Dark Chocolate

There is nothing like a deep brown eye pencil to complement your look. If you want your eyes to look soulful and gorgeous then my friend this is the one for you. The intense brown complements almost every skintone and all eye colors. Makes for a great pick me up for your eyes!

Revlon Berry Jewelled Nail Color Shade 320

There are different reds for different occassions. This shade of red is infused with tiny sparkly crystals, which instantly bring a gorgeous shine into your talons. If you are going for a wedding or planning to wear an especially dressy number, then this nailcolor does all the talking for you. Try it on to make your feet look like a million bucks!

Celine Dion Parfum

This one’s my favorite because of many reasons. One is the sentimental aspect because my dad presented it to me on my birthday couple of years ago. The second is its fragrance. It has a beautiful floral and yet slightly spicy undertone to it, which makes it appealing to almost every woman. The bottle is a chic rectangle which spells subtle chic!

Lakme FreeSpirit ‘Sabyasachi’ in Shade D515

This one’s probably one of my all-time favorites when it comes to lipsticks. The subtle brown-pink shade of this lipstick coupled with a hint of glitter makes your lips look ultra-cool. Best worn during the day with minimal makeup on and eyes done up in a nice kohl pencil, this lipshade brings out the best features of your face! Infact, I so love this shade that I have bought 2-3 of them over the last couple of years.

Lakme 9 to 5 Lipcolor in Satin Ruby shade 42

This one’s a deep red with a plum undertone to it. Great for wearing at night alongwith a nice cocktail dress! The matte effect makes the lipcolor stay on your lips for really long.

Lakme Free Spirit Starshine Lip Gloss Shade 54

This one combines the glitter, gloss factor and color you expect from a lipgloss. The supershine effect makes this great to wear both during the day as well as the night. You can tone down the shade by wearing only the gloss during the day and priming up your lips with a matching lipliner along with the lipgloss for the night.

Shahnaz Hussain Kohl Kajal Eyeliner

Love it. Period. The intense black shade makes my eyes look pretty and wider. The soft texture of the kohl is pleasing and cooling on my eyes because of the herbal ingredients present in it. I have been using this kohl for many years now and although it is a little pricey, once you apply it on your eyes you feel all the money spent was worth it!

Revlon Streetwear – Pluto and Venus

These are my all-time favs. The Pluto shade is perfect for my nails while the Venus shade is gorgeous – simply gorgeous on the lips! The Pluto shade is a nude brownish peach shade hence it’s great for daytime wear or days when you just want a subtle look. The Venus is all-out shine, pout and intense red glossy lips! If you want lips, which spell ‘goddess’ then this is the shade for you! Lol

Ok, so these were my favorites in terms of cosmetics and makeup. I will be creating a new list of my favorite skincare products very soon! Keep reading!


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