Kindness still exists…

By: expressionsinyarn

Jan 06 2009

Category: Crochet, Knitting

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I just received some gorgeous yarn and buttons from two kind friends on Ravelry. It’s so nice and heartening to see that kindness still exists and people are willing to give things just to spread a little smile and cheer around.

Here are some of the things I received in my surprise packages. They’re gorgeous, aren’t they?

These are cute buttons I received from Riohnna. I love all of them and am planning to use them selectively for special projects planned.



Purse and buttons

This was a cute pink purse and some gorgeous buttons I received from sthrnx on Ravelry. I just adore the color of the purse and all of the buttons are one of a kind. Planning to use them for special projects.



Variegated yarn

This was a nice variegated yarn I received from sthrnx. The colors are just gorgeous and I have been planning ever since I received these as to what I should make from them! I don’t want to use them randomly. In fact, suggestions are most welcome as to what I can out of these gorgeous ones!


Thanks so much Riohnna and sthrnx for your wonderful surprises! Really made my day 🙂


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