Winter skies – and a time to knit!

By: expressionsinyarn

Dec 08 2008

Category: Knitting


Winter is just round the corner. Actually it already is! Where I stay, it is a warmer climate but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our spells of cold winter nights – and days.  With a cup of hot cocoa by my side and a pair of fingerless mitts warming my hand, I’m busy downloading patterns for some knit projects that I plan to take up. Oh, btb, knitting has become my latest passion, apart from crochet of course! I find knitting to be totally fun and at times a little daunting as well but I guess slow and steady is the key. Armed with a pair of circular needles, double pointed needles and a stack of yarn by my side, I get ready to delve into the world of cables, nupps, Lily of the Valley, Ribbed stitches and the whole lexicon of terms that the knitting world has! Phew – and I thought crochet had it’s list of terms to tackle! Watching loads of videos on KnittingHelp, Youtube and with help from my dear friends who are just a call or email away – I’m slowly finding knitting is not that hard as it’s made out to be. I guess the best way is to just go at it! I mean, ever since I had started to have a fascination for knitting, I had downloaded this amazing Aran stitch cap pattern in my laptop. Now, after almost 7 months I am finally beginning to knit the poor cap! And my patient DH has been waiting it out for the day when I’ll take out those circular needles and plunge away in knitting the cap for him! Patience sure is a virtue! 🙂

Now for the fun part – guess what? One of my friends has had a baby boy and I’m just dying to make some cute baby things for the little one! It’s so much fun to knit baby stuff, isn’t it? It’s a miniature world where the scale of all things knitted or crocheted are small and it’s also a world where fairies, goblins, miracles, joy and the cackling sounds of babies converge!

As ambitious as I am, I love working on many proejcts at a time – it provides me a scope to multitask and never lets me get bored. So, while I am beginning to knit the Aran cap, I also have the baby project lined up, a crochet tablecloth for our center table and a tank top lined up for myself….loads to do and so little time! Really, we’re all such busy people!

You guys will probably have to a wait a while before I start posting my other completed projects! But there will be many more posts coming up I promise.


2 comments on “Winter skies – and a time to knit!”

  1. Hey there, just popped in to say hello!
    Glad to hear that knitting fever has taken hold of you…. ‘Nupps’??? I didn’t have a clue what it was…. thank God for Google!!!

    • Heh…yeah even I wouldn’t have known what a nupp is, if I hadn’t subscribed to Knitting Daily, where Nancy Bush talks about Estonian lace and how nupps are used in those…oh and those are just gorgeous! 🙂

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