My crochet projects

Folks, as promised here are some of the crochet projects, which I have completed.

 This was a bedroom rug started as a destashing exercise…I have soo much yarn, it’s not even funny now! The rug worked up quick as it’s made in circles with dc stitches.



Coffee Mug Cozy


 This coffee cup cozy has helped my coffee stay warm for a kong time. Made using a combination of puff, shell and dc stitches.


Crochet amulet bag

  The purple colored thread caught my eye as soon as I laid my eyes on it and I decided its best use would be in an amulet bag! You can dangle the bag from your wrist while you store small trinkets or change inside.


Cute monster



 This cute monster was made using LionBrand’s FunFur and took me just 30 mins to make

Promise to upload more pics of some of my other finished projects soon.


3 comments on “My crochet projects”

  1. You know, you make a very good point here. Crochet is MUCH faster than knitting! Cute monster! 😉

    • Hey thanks! Yeah, but you know surprisingly I am finding knitting to be as fast, maybe because I’m all into it these days! 🙂


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