A gist of my love of crochet!

By: expressionsinyarn

Dec 05 2008

Category: Crochet

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After years of fumbling with the idea of whether or not to let my crochet be “all out in the open” I finally decided to go for it. Change is always hard to handle but when it’s a refreshing change it’s always welcome! 🙂

Crochet has always been an integral part of my life. Right from the time I started mastering its techniques to now when I can crochet as I watch TV or chat with friends or just multitask, I know crochet has helped me sort out my thoughts, helped me bring sanity into my otherwise chaotic existence and above all has brought me immense joy and satisfaction. Everytime I see a finished project sitting infront of me,  the joy it brings me is truly unparalleled – nothing can even come close. Knitting is something that I’m fairly new to but I’m hoping that in due course I shall be able to master this as well and call myself an ‘expert’ of sorts!

In my very first post on my very first blog I want to reach out to all those crocheters and knitters who love indulging in the creative pursuits yarn has to offer. Actually it maybe an injustice to even call it just ‘yarn’ because it is capable of so much more! So hoping I am received with welcome and open arms in the community of crocheters, knitters and all those who love creativity in all its forms!!

I shall be posting pics of  some of my new crochet creations very soon I promise.


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