Ribbed baby jacket

This one was a quick knit – and it had to be that way! My colleague and friend was leaving and I wanted this to be a special gift – a keepsake, if you will. Since she was in the family way and the baby is due sometime in February, I thought this could be a nice gifting idea.

After scouring Ravelry for patterns, I came across this one. Apparently, the pattern is also very popular. It’s called the Ribbed Baby Jacket and it’s been designed by Debbie Bliss.

I used soft acrylic yarn for this project and it’s easy to wash and care for, something which would be useful for a busy mum.

I did a few modifications as per some users on Ravelry. For instance, I used a 5 row moss stitch on the edges and sleeves so that it wouldn’t curl as much.


I also did a 2×2 rib pattern across 10 rows on the neck and front edges.

The buttons were sourced from a trip to Coimbatore, with some friends from the Bangalore group.

I crocheted the loops using 6 chains and single crochet all around for 2 rounds.

Once done, I just couldn’t get over how tiny and adorable it looked! No wonder, baby projects can be so addictive!

My friend was extremely happy with the gift.

For more pictures click here.